The Bullpen Strategies Team

Andrew Bashuk


Graham Dunn


Experienced industry executives that specialize in business development, marketing, training and innovation.

Drawing on three decades of combined experience across collegiate & professional sports, entertainment, and attractions, we apply our collection of best practices and tough lessons to find solutions for our clients to overcome obstacles. We bring outside-the-box approaches to improve revenue generation and the experience to execute them.

Our track record includes producing and directing live events, negotiation of over $20M in sponsorship sales, arena naming rights, increasing ticket sales, property turnarounds, and launches. All done with minimal self-promotion; and zero bridges burned.

We are experienced industry executives who can quickly put systems in place for lasting organization-wide success and revenue gains.

About Bullpen Strategy

Bullpen Strategies partners with organizations to increase revenue generation via thoughtful strategy and implementation of new practices designed for short and long-term success.

Bullpen provides fresh perspectives and a pathway to maximize external revenue sources by working alongside your team to build a plan, support your talent, and establish an entrepreneurial culture.